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Get involved and support cancer research

Cancer is relentless. But so are we.​ Whether you fundraise, volunteer, pledge to leave a Gift in your Will or donate, everyone has a part to play. And every part supports life-saving research. Play your part and together we will beat cancer.​

About Cancer

If you've been diagnosed with cancer, or know someone who has, we provide practical advice on everything from symptoms and screening, to coping after treatment.

Cancer Chat

It’s a worrying time for many people and we want to be there for you whenever - and wherever - you need us. Cancer Chat is our fully moderated forum where you can talk to others affected by cancer, share experiences, and get support. Cancer Chat is free to join and available 24 hours a day.

*Ahmad AS et al, British Journal of Cancer, 2015.
**No purchase necessary. Terms and Conditions apply. UK and 18+ only. Closes 30/01/2022.
Minimum guaranteed £100,000 to Cancer Research UK. Promoter: Omaze Limited.