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Confidential and secure video consultations
with GMC registered psychiatrists

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Confidential and secure video consultations
with GMC registered psychiatrists

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Confidential and secure video consultations
with GMC registered psychiatrists

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Confidential and secure video consultations
with GMC registered psychiatrists

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Confidential and secure video consultations
with GMC registered psychiatrists

We are recruiting!

We are actively recruiting psychiatrists, especially with Autism and ADHD experience, and Haggar Men's Solid Gab Stretch Tailored Fit Suit Separate Coat with ADHD experience.

Please get in touch if you are interested in joining our enthusiastic and supportive teams.

Telephone Support: Our phone lines are extremely busy and we regret that you may be on hold for some time. If you are an existing patient, the best way to contact us is via the Case Notes section of your secure Patient Portal. Click here for more contact information.

ADHD Services: Our ADHD service has proved to be exceptionally popular, with thousands of referrals received since ‘Right to Choose’ was brought to our attention last year. We are recruiting as quickly as is practicable to minimise delays. Click here for further information.

Titration: After your initial assessment your Consultant may refer you to our Titration Team to obtain a prescription for medication and titration. Find out more about the titration process here. If you have been diagnosed and are waiting for titration please see this page for the HUIFENGHECHANG HHMY Blackout/Light Blocking Curtains for Living


Speak to a GMC registered private consultant psychiatrist from the comfort of your own home

Psychiatry-UK LLP is a Care Quality Commission regulated healthcare provider and also provides services on behalf of the NHS.

We treat a wide range of mental health issues including ADHD in adults and children, ASD, Stress, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression and many more.

We supply a fast, discreet and economic means to get medical diagnoses and treatment recommendations for all mental health conditions through our own secure video portal all from the comfort of your own home.

All of our psychiatrists are GMC registered specialist consultants who have trained in the NHS and now work in the NHS and/or the private sector.

Use your own computer, tablet or phone to get easy access to medical treatment and, as doctors, we have the ability to prescribe suitable medication, if required.

You can book online now or contact our support team here for more information.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors have rated Psychiatry-UK  as Good across all categories and Outstanding in Caring, following an inspection in January 2020.

You can view the full report here

Extracts from the Inspection Report

Patients said doctors were respectful, understanding, thorough, and most importantly explained things in a way that made sense and left them feeling empowered. They said they finally felt like they had someone who had listened to them and could not recommend the service highly enough and that staff had very good listening skills and their skills to evaluate every detail of what patients said was incredible.

Our Values

Recognising and alleviating distress

Whether it’s helping to support a pressured organisation, or the individual who approaches us in need, we aim to ensure from the first contact we can work with you to overcome your difficulties. If there is something we can do to reduce distress or suffering, we will.

“I had an assessment with the Doctor and it was honestly one of the few times I’ve had a pleasant experience with a health professional and gotten what I needed out of the appointment. I was surprised we managed to get through so much of my life in the time frame, and the Doctor was very respectful, calm, empathetic and asking good questions. I never felt uncomfortable during it and it sparked some revelations. I was very anxious and we were talking about some hard topics, but it’s one of the easiest conversations I’ve had with a health professional. The report back was correct and concise and overall P-UK has been the most professional service I’ve used with actually listening and working with instead of against the patient.”

Convenience and availability for all

We want to be able to provide care to people at a time they need it, in the place they need it. We want to reduce barriers to accessing care, and continually simplify the process to access our care. We aim to become accessible to everyone.

“The video quality was very good and I didn’t have a hard time understanding or hearing The Doctor due to any technical issues.”

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Improving solutions

Using technology is at the heart of what we do. But we also aim to ensure that our processes are efficient, robust, safe and effective. We also have a responsibility to ensure we are sustainable. Therefore, whether it’s writing a policy, providing a service, or reducing our carbon footprint, we strive to find better ways to do something.

“My treatment and assessment was completed over the phone and via a web portal which was of great help and convenience.”

Doing our very best

We are passionate about continually learning and developing, so that we can offer the best care possible. We will not become complacent, and will always seek ways to improve, aiming to provide the best care possible.

Great service couldn’t have asked for anything else very happy thank you.”

Patient Reviews

‘After years of wondering and not having the confidence to pursue a diagnosis I finally decided to do it but I was still worried about booking privately.

I had no need to worry. Not only was the tech department quick to help when I had an issue with my online account but my Dr was so incredibly lovely and supportive I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better. It was made clear that after diagnosis the way forward was totally up to me but all routes were laid out clearly and the advice given was very helpful. I did not feel at any point that I couldn’t ask questions and felt very secure.

I am so happy with the choice I have made and can’t wait to continue with finding ways to help myself. I have even recommended psychiatry uk to a friend who is in the process of booking their appointment.

If you are thinking of booking but are unsure I can only say it has been the best decision I made.

NR – 13th June 2021

‘My consultant has been absolutely fantastic, after a super professional and informative meeting, it was decided that I have ADHD! This came after years of being treated for depression, which I didn’t feel was right as it wasn’t depression!

I was at first worried about the whole process, yet I have been made to feel very at ease, always being given understandable info about my diagnosis, I feel my life has been refreshed in the best way possible, I really feel like a new person, I will be eternally grateful for all the guidance and help I have received.

LH – 3rd March 2021

‘I contacted Psychiatry UK around my concerns around possible undiagnosed ADHD. I was given an appointment with a doctor and an online consultation.

I was anxious about the consultation however the doctor put me at ease straight away. He had already reviewed pre consultation forms I had filled out and garnered much of the information needed from those. He was clear and upfront and highlighted different possible pathways.

I was then passed to a Nurse prescriber for a 3 month Titration period as I had chosen to try medication. The nurse prescriber was superb always answering my questions promptly, listening and adapting to any concerns I had.

NHS Patient (posted on iwantgreatcare.org/) – 1st February 2021

You may also want to read independent reviews posted on iWantGreatHealthCare

Why use Psychiatry-UK?

We Supply…

  •  Diagnosis - a definitive opinion from a specialist medical expert
  •  Education - access to expertise
  •  Advice - and advocacy to get the care you need
  •  Medication - online prescription service
  •  Support - onward referral to supervised, accredited therapy and coaching

0330 124 1980 – Support Team available 8am-8pm weekdays.
Our phone lines are extremely busy and we regret that you may be on hold for some time.
We are bringing new staff on board as quickly as possible to minimise delays.

If you want to book an appointment you may find it quicker to use our online booking form

Existing patients:  Please continue to use your secure patient portal to leave messages for your clinicians or the support team.  If you are unable to log in, please make sure you have followed the BERKLEY URBN Utility Net Bags. If you are still having problems with logging in submit an IT support ticket here.

For all other enquiries use our contact form. Please include your phone number if you would like us to call you back.