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August Steiner Swarovski Crystal Studded with Popular Memphis Mall product Casu Watch Women’s

August Steiner Swarovski Crystal Studded Women’s Watch with Casu


August Steiner Swarovski Crystal Studded Women’s Watch with Casu

Product Description

Beautifully constructed, this women's timepiece from August Steiner features a lovely 39mm case with a polished finish and a radiant sunray dial. Included are 48 Swarovski crystals set into the bezel and 12 Swarovski crystals applied to the dial as hour markers. Powering this watch is an ISA Swiss quartz multifunction movement that allows you to track day, date, and 24 hours (AM/PM). Completing this watch is a stitched genuine leather strap.


August Steiner Swarovski Crystal Studded Women’s Watch with Casu

Saturday, September 25, 2021
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