55370,citizensakron.com,-,Carbide,$65,/hydromicaceous981604.html,Tipped,Traditional,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Reversible,Tool,Amana,Stile 55370,citizensakron.com,-,Carbide,$65,/hydromicaceous981604.html,Tipped,Traditional,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Reversible,Tool,Amana,Stile Amana Tool - 55370 Carbide Tipped Traditional Reversible Stile Max 50% OFF $65 Amana Tool - 55370 Carbide Tipped Traditional Reversible Stile Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $65 Amana Tool - 55370 Carbide Tipped Traditional Reversible Stile Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Amana Tool - 55370 Carbide Tipped Traditional Reversible Stile Max 50% OFF

Amana Tool - 55370 Carbide Tipped Traditional Reversible Max 65% OFF Stile Max 50% OFF

Amana Tool - 55370 Carbide Tipped Traditional Reversible Stile


Amana Tool - 55370 Carbide Tipped Traditional Reversible Stile

Product description

Cut both the stiles and rails with a single economical assembly. Switch from the stile cut to the rail cut simply by rearranging the cutters and bearing on the Arbor. Because the profile and the cope are Cut with the same Cutter, you get a perfect fit. The assembly ORDER For each setup is shown in the drawing. Use in a table-mounted router. Guide straight cuts with the fence; use the pilot bearing only for cuts on curved rails or stiles, #55370, diameter (D): 1-5/8, cutting height (B): 11/16, shank (D): 1/2, overall length (L): 3, B1: 7/8, Type: traditional, replacement bearing: 47708, flutes: 2, C: 3/8, Wings: 2, 55370 carbide Tipped traditional reversible stile and rail assembly 1-5/8 DIA x 11/16 x 1/2 inch shank

Amana Tool - 55370 Carbide Tipped Traditional Reversible Stile

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